Beef & Fish

Design & development of a restaurant website with horizontal navigation

Previously a wine shop, Beef & Fish is a restaurant that opened in 2012 in Grenoble. The owners’ wish was to advertise their restaurant online, on a website offering news, pictures, contact details and menus.


Under the direction of my tutor in the worker cooperative Mezcalito, I was in charge of the design and development of the website. Several mock-ups were designed until one was validated both by my tutor and the restaurant owners. It uses coloured panels, displayed as the user browses the website.

Vertical navigation panels

Vertical navigation panels


The website was developed using the agency’s very own Content Management System, Websito. Widely used by the developers of Mezcalito and fully customisable, it allows the chefs to update the menu themselves.
Using the Google Maps API, we created a background map for visitors to easily find the restaurant on the contact page.


Beef & Fish has now closed and their website has been put offline