Remi Duval


Hi, who are you?

Allo, I’m Remi! 👋🏽 I was born in 🇫🇷 25 years ago and since then, I lived in Sweden, London (the UK one) and my love for warm weather and tapas led me to Madrid, where I live now

Alright, and in terms of work?

I’m a web specialist – my skills range from web development & design to online marketing and social networks management

Tell me more about your technical skills

I’m fluent in HTML, CSS (Sass), JavaScript (and jQuery) and PHP. More specifically, I am fond of Responsive Web Design 📱 as well as WordPress themes and plugins development. In addition, I’ve designed most of the websites I’ve developed

Any other skills?

As a Digital Media Manager for a cultural center, I developed and led successful campaigns to expand our customer base. I was also in charge of the communication on our social networks and newsletters

Parles-tu d’autres langues ?

Oui ! English and French are part of my everyday life but I can also easily order tapas in Spanish 🍢

Dale! What do you like to do in your free time?

I like to 🚲 everywhere I go and I cook the most amazing eggs Florentine. But above all, I love to travel the world 🌎

Sounds good! And why should I hire you?

Because I’m multi-skilled and colourful. But don’t take my word for ganted! Have a look at my work. And don’t hesitate to drop me a line – did I mention I’m very sociable?