Apostasie Pour Tous

Development, design & promotion of an AJAX-powered letter generator, featured in media

I was baptised against my will at age 1 and have always been an atheist. Due to the lack of information on how to resign from the Catholic Church in France, my friend Ben suggested that we design our own website to make the process easy and fast-forward for other people.

The website aims to help atheists, who have been baptised against their will in order to not be counted as Christians. It is not an attack against those who live their faith without condemning those who do not believe.

Visual identity

We decided that our design could revolve around the idea of a letter. Hence, the logo, our advertising and the website frame itself are letter-shaped. We chose different shades of green (environment freaks?) for our design.
The logo is simple and therefore was reproduced with SVG for the frame of the website, allowing a faster loading time.

Logo, advertisement, website: letter-shaped

Logo, advertisement, website: letter-shaped

Writing the texts

We wrote, we worked on our texts, and most importantly, we linked our statements to valid sources. We decided to cover a wide range of topics, even some we did not agree with, in order to let our users pick the ones they stand by.

Customised letter

The user starts by filling his/her information and selecting the Church he/she has been baptised in – we listed them all in a drop-down field.
Our users are then presented with several pre-filled paragraphs which they can tick if they want them displayed on the outputted letter. Each paragraph exposes a disagreement with the Church. The paragraphs are easy to re-order (drag-and-drop) and can all be edited due to the content-editable attribute. The last paragraph is reserved for them to add their own reasons to disaffiliate.


Reordering the paragraphs

Letter generator

Once the letter looks good, the user can print it or receive it by email:

Print or send via email

Print or send via email

The user is then presented with a “success” screen and offered to register for a new religion. Really.


On launching our website, we created Facebook & Twitter accounts (and Google+ for fun). After a few posts announcing the launch of this new website, the buzz worked and people started posting, tweeting, re-tweeting, sending snaps (well, they would if it wasn’t 2013) & poking (what is that, 2009?).
We had up to 4,600 visitors a day on our first month. Whoa. A few news websites talked about Apostasie Pour Tous and it was even featured on a TV programme.

Apostasie Pour Tous featured on a TV programme

Apostasie Pour Tous as seen on France 5 TV channel

We then succeeded in keeping it alive through advertising campaigns on social networks and by keeping our followers informed with the latest related news. We also respond to our users/admirers/haters through Facebook & Twitter.

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